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Goat Soup

Curried Chicken

Chicken Breast

Jamaican Patty
 A crescent-shaped, homemade, flour-based pastry
rolled-up with a choice of three spicy fillings (chicken, beef, vegs.) and baked to a golden brown. An appealing Jamaican snack.

Samosa $1.50
 A triangular-shaped eggroll pastry wrap, with choice of spicy fillings
(chicken, beef, or vegs.)

Festival $.75
A small traditional Jamaican bread, delicately spiced and
prepared for festive occasions. Use as an appetizer with soup or meals.

Plantain $1.50
A tropical fruit which is a cousin to the banana. It is lightly fried to a golden brown.

Soup of the Day
(chicken, goat, vegetable)

Vegetarian Menu (Vegan)
*Jerk Tofu (Vegan) $8.95
Simmered with sautéed vegetables and jerk sauce

Curried Vegetables $8.95
Vegetables gently stewed in a Jamaican Style curry sauce

Vegetable Stew $9.95
Vegetables stewed in a seasoned sauce on a bed of rice'n peas
served with salad

Vegetable Roti $9.95
Tofu or Vegetables wrapped in our thin homemade bread.
 Served with mixed salad. This dish originates in India, a culture which expanded into Jamaica in the early 18th century.

Ital Calallo $8.95
A popular Jamaican green leafy vegetable slowly simmered with spices.
Served with Festival & rice.

and Salt Fish $12.95
Jamaica's national dish. Ackee, a delicate exotic vegetable, is combined with flakes of salt cod and stewed using a unique combination for a very tropical experience!

Escovietch Fish $10.95
Fish lightly fried covered in a herb vinaigrette sauce and marinated vegetables.

Marinated Chicken Breast $10.95
A delicate boneless breast of chicken marinated for 24 hours, stuffed with broccoli and tropical herbs and baked to perfection.

Becky's Own Jerk $8.95
Chicken or Pork, marinated with Becky's savory secret spices and crisp roasted. Succulent and juicy.

*Curried Goat or Chicken $9.95
Cubed and gently stewed in a Jamaican style curry sauce.
(goat meat contains bones)

Beef or Pork Stew $9.95
Cubed and sautéed well in a specially seasoned stew
served over a bed of rice'n peas with Salad.

Ginger Beef $9.95
Roasted Beef thinly sliced and prepared in a ginger/teriyaki sauce.
For the meat lovers!

Roti $9.95
A spicy blend of meat wrapped in out thin homemade baked bread.
Served with a mixed salad. This dish originates in India, a culture which expanded into Jamaica in the early 18th century.

Ital Calallo and Salt Fish $9.95
A popular Jamaican green leafy vegetable simmered in spices with seasoned cod. Served with Festival and rice.

Jerk Chicken

Jerk Pork

Ackee & Salt Fish


Vegetable Stew (vegan)

*Sweet Potato Pudding $2.50
Sweet potato puree, raisins, coconut milk and Jamaican
spices baked to a golden brown and topped
with a tasty rum cream. Excellent with ice cream.

*Ginger Tart $1.50
Spicy pastry filled with freshly grated ginger.

*Coconut Roll $1.50
Rolled Pastry filled with toasted coconut.

*Add a scoop of ice cream to the above $1.00

Ice Cream $2.50 (2 scoops)
Rum & Raisin: Made with real rum, raisins and a touch of cinnamon.
Coconut: Made with toasted coconut.

 Ginger Beer - homemade (non-alcoholic) $2.00/$3.00
Fruit Punch - homemade $2.00/$3.00
Tea (selection) $1.50
Coffee $1.50
Hot Chocolate $1.50
Ting $2.75
(Lightly carbonated grapefruit drink imported from Jamaica)

Alcoholic Beverages
Beer (Domestic) $4.00 (Imported) $4.50
Rum $4.00 per shot
Rum Punch $4.00
Whisky $4.00 per shot
Wine $3.50

Fruit Punch

Ginger Beer

Festival & Plantain Combo
(also available individually)

Sweet potato Pudding with Rum & Raisin Ice Cream

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