Hardy's 6 Mile Fish and Chips

480 Island Highway Victoria, BC
Monday - Thursday 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Friday & Saturday   11:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Sunday & Holidays    2:30 - 7:30       PM

Call ahead for Quicker Pickup 474-3626

Door on the left is the takeout side.

Dining Room is directly in front

The tables are covered with blue and white checked vinyl to match the décor.

The room is painted light blue on the bottom with white above – it is separated by a nautical border. 

The TV is very popular – customers watch sporting events and children enjoy the cartoons

Lots of room for parking.

You in the booth and your car on the big lot.

You will always find staff to
take care of your needs.

  Customers appreciate the coffee being where they can refill their cups themselves if staff is busy in the kitchen.

A look at the fountain machine, milk shake machine, ice cream cooler and tea making area.  You know these folks will look after you.

The Brightly lit sign shows "Hardy" 
He is the constant symbol through out the restaurant.  His bright sign can be seen like a beacon from a good distance off.

Street map

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